Cosmolite® countertop for the ergonomic kitchen by Calosso Design Solution

To craft the multifunctional countertop for this new spacious kitchen island, Calosso Design Solution chose the iconic “blotch” pattern of Cosmo. The “U” or “horseshoe” shaped countertop, featuring three sides all the same size, is mounted on the kitchen island at the front, separate from the steel organiser wall. Taking centre stage in the kitchen, […]

Beautiful, virtuous, Cosmolite®: the environmentally responsible kitchen

There exists a pairing so perfect and so dear to the ancient Greeks that in the single expression kalòs kai agathòs encompasses two pure ideals: that of the beautiful and that of the virtuous. While the Hellenic people used the term to describe a virtuous person, nowadays it could be used in reference to the […]

Stone Italiana for Zecchinon Cucine: sustainable sophistication in the kitchen

Zecchinon Cucine is an Italian brand renowned for making kitchens of the highest quality, in whichinnovation and the tradition of Made in Italy are combined. In fact, all the company’s production is handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail: from the selection of raw materials to the high-tech processing systems. In keeping with a company ethos […]

Modern and practical kitchen with the Planet collection from the Cosmolite® range

How can modernity and practicality be combined in the kitchen? With Stone Italiana’s Cosmolite® countertops, the kitchen interior reflects contemporary trends without sacrificing comfort and practicality in the spaces. During the design phase of this modern kitchen, a lot of attention was focused on details and furnishing elements such as the kitchen countertop, backsplash, and […]