Stone Italiana for Zecchinon Cucine: sustainable sophistication in the kitchen

Zecchinon Cucine is an Italian brand renowned for making kitchens of the highest quality, in whichinnovation and the tradition of Made in Italy are combined. In fact, all the company’s production is handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail: from the selection of raw materials to the high-tech processing systems. In keeping with a company ethos […]

Modern and practical kitchen with the Planet collection from the Cosmolite® range

How can modernity and practicality be combined in the kitchen? With Stone Italiana’s Cosmolite® countertops, the kitchen interior reflects contemporary trends without sacrificing comfort and practicality in the spaces. During the design phase of this modern kitchen, a lot of attention was focused on details and furnishing elements such as the kitchen countertop, backsplash, and […]

Kitchen interior in Cosmolite® Mint

In the home environment, the kitchen symbolizes conviviality and represents the meeting place for families, especially in the Italian tradition, an intimate setting providing a place of refuge from the modern pace of life. Designing the appearance of this room therefore becomes imperative for the entire style of the home – with a focus on […]

A green kitchen in Cosmolite®

Elegant and functional, and now sustainable: the kitchen takes inspiration from contemporary architectural trends without sacrificing comfort, space, ease of movement and a choice of materials made with sensitivity to the environment and the health of those who create and process them. Designed to furnish a private residence in the Verona area, this kitchen project […]