Sustainability Report 2022 Released

Stone Italiana has published its Sustainability Report 2022, which confirms the objectives the Company has attained, lays down the next corporate goals and provides a snapshot of how the year went on an economic, social and environmental level for the Company.

For the past three years” explains Paola Dalla Valle, Chief Sustainability Officer at Stone Italiana, drafting the Report has meant taking stock in order to see clearly which goals we have achieved and the areas we still have to work on. For us, the Report is always an exciting starting point and something we’re glad to share with all our stakeholders.”

Despite the complexities of the world geopolitical situation and the market which characterized 2022, the Company managed to post a 7% increase in net profits compared with 2021 and achieve a 21% reduction in direct CO emissions.

These are encouraging figures that echo the significant results that Stone Italiana has  attained in terms of the Company’s commitment to the environment, reducing the consumption of paper for waybills by 62% (compared with 2020), matching the previous figure of 11% recycled base materials out of the total purchased and increasing the  percentage of recovered waste products to 83%. 

On this note, Silvia Dalla Valle, Marketing Director at Stone Italiana, reminds us: “Stone Italiana is now committed to a more conscious way of doing business, by planning precise objectives on a large scale, objectives which go far beyond the simple manufacture of eco-friendly products. In the last two years, we have undertaken initiatives to improve our sustainability process, from the environment – with a growing focus on responsible consumption, recycling and limiting emissions – to social welfare and economic sustainability, which allows us to face our challenges and create value.”

The international launch of Cosmolite®, Stone Italiana’s unique, high-performance New Materia made 100% from recycled minerals, forms part of this drive.  

The fruit of years of research and experimentation, Cosmolite® has become the symbol of the future for Stone Italiana. It’s a bright new opportunity for designers who, whether following their own consciences or because they know it enhances the value of a product, seek out green solutions. 

Innovation and care for both the environment and social welfare are the main focuses of a structured, robust corporate agenda aimed at consolidating Stone Italiana position as a flagship for the sector.

Check out the complete Stone Italiana Sustainability Report for 2022 in the “Green Vision” section.

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