Stone Italiana’s Video Recipes for a sustainable production

“The Recipe of Sustainability” is the title of the video column that Stone Italiana has just inaugurated to highlight an important target for the company – environmental sustainability – aimed at architecture and design professionals, but which also interests anyone who cares about sustainable manufacturing processes and the actions that companies such as Stone Italiana undertake to reduce their environmental impact.

LEED Certification, Food Safety, CO2 Footprint, Environmental Product Declaration and the Sustainability Report: these are the topics addressed in the “video pills”, divided into 5 different episodes. Each video-recipe explains what each certification is about and what are the “main ingredients” that Stone Italiana has used to achieve the goal of eco-friendly industrial production.

Paola Dalla Valle, CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer of Stone Italiana), is the voice of the five short videos and she tells us about the steps that Stone Italiana took and continues to take to obtain and renew the international certifications of its products, achieving high quality and reliability standards.
The Recipe of Sustainability | #1 Sustainability Report

The number one appointment in the column is dedicated to the first Stone Italiana Sustainability Report: a milestone, but also a stimulating starting point, which takes a picture of the company from an economic, social and environmental point of view.

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