Stone Italiana on air in the new season of Dinner Club

The second season of the intriguing on-the-road journey led by Carlo Cracco has arrived, packed with anecdotes, laughs, and excellent regional recipes cooked on countertops in Cosmolite® by Stone Italiana.

The new edition, broadcast from February 17 on Amazon Prime, is hosted in the perfect setting of Villa Necchi Campiglio, a FAI mansion in Milan. Alongside Carlo Cracco, the show sees the presence of Luciana Littizzetto, Sabrina Ferilli, Antonio Albanese, Paola Cortellesi, Marco Giallini and Luca Zingaretti: it becomes a show within a show, a compelling and, at times, hilarious, live trailer.

Along with the new features of the second season, there is also a new star in the set, which is entirely focused on the quality of materials and design: the Planet collection from Cosmolite® chosen in the color White Planet, a delicate shade that is a perfect match for the natural wood work table on which it is placed.

Durability, design, suitability for food contact, and a sophisticated appearance: to bring these points of strength into the new edition, the set designers selected Stone Italiana for the crucial furnishing units, scene of the challenge between the contestants, and especially the element most intensively used during the show: the kitchen countertop.

And for an outlook of greater environmental awareness, the material chosen was Cosmolite®: consisting entirely of pre-consumer recycled aggregates other than quartz, these surfaces provide a unique visual appeal and perfect workability, as well as high standards of hygiene.

A new material capable of reducing environmental impact while guaranteeing the levels of performance required for use in the kitchen.

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