Quartz slabs for a bathroom steeped in design quality

Ever synonymous with a warm and intimate interior, the bathroom calls for constant innovation and research when considering its interior design. Various shapes and materials provide infinite aesthetic possibilities capable of surpassing traditional stylistic canons in order to create a space hallmarked by powerful personality.

In recent years, the latest trends in modern bathrooms focus on concepts and designs based on careful selections of materials and forms, reinterpreting tradition without losing the sense of warmth that the bathroom interior should evoke. Decorative elements, coordinated surfaces and furnishing accessories give the interior a unitary appeal, creating a refined and functional aesthetic.

A continuum of beauty and practicality that Stone Italiana is capable of offering, by means of a wide range of quartz products making the bathroom a unique and innovative design experience.

Stone Italiana surfaces for modern bathrooms

Designs and style options that create a contemporary image: Stone Italiana’s quartz surfaces for floor and wall claddings constitute highly functional solutions for furnishing the bathroom interior while also possessing a powerful visual impact. Stone Italiana reinvents this room by means of a material that can be used on the wall, floor or in the form of furnishing accessories: a single product with limitless design versatility.

The superior hardness and strength of Stone Italiana slabs are suitable for bearing the wear to which bathroom floors are subjected. Their zero porosity and the limited maintenance operations necessary make them ideal products for interiors in which water and personal hygiene products are in constant use. A room subject to characteristic conditions, such as humidity and frequent changes in temperature, not only requires an attractive design, but also needs a concrete response in terms of resistance to these atmospheric and chemical agents. For this reason, products by Stone Italiana are a reliable and unbeatable choice.

Quartz washbasins and vanity tops

While the cladding materials are key elements in creating an atmosphere in the bathroom, there are other details that underpin the interior’s architectural significance. These without doubt include the basin, an element that plays a primary role in suggesting the lines and forms involved in determining the room’s design. An answer to this requirement is provided by UDesign Bathroom, the range of quartz washbasins that complete Stone Italiana surfaces with their new and innovative materials. The Stone Italiana washbasin has very high hardness specifications and it can become an integrated part of the vanity top in the IN models, or as a countertop basin in the UP models. Washbasins, above all countertop or inset versions, provide total freedom of choice regarding shapes and materials of the vanity top on which they will be placed. Almost 100% comprised of natural materials, the quartz-based vanity top by Stone Italiana is hallmarked by high hardness, zero porosity and a surprising degree of resistance to stains and scratches. For cleaning the bathroom, the products that are habitually used for everyday hygiene can be applied, with no fear of damaging the Stone Italiana surfaces, which retain their characteristics unaltered over time.

These high-tech solutions are available in a wide selection of colors, enabling the creation of customized solutions according to the needs and tastes of the people who use the room on a daily basis.

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