Quartz kitchen tops: 4 good reasons for choosing them

In the eternal struggle between beauty and functionality, between refined aesthetics and design needs, when it comes to selecting the material for the kitchen top, there are no doubts: the top must be characterized by a strong visual appeal but at the same time it must guarantee high performance techniques. For this reason, quartz kitchen tops represent the perfect combination of practicality and aesthetic performance, since the starting material (quartz) is particularly resistant, as well as being waterproof and easy to maintain, as well as extremely refined and elegant. The non-porosity of the quartz kitchen tops also prevents even the slightest absorption of moisture and liquid food: to clean it, simply wipe it with a damp cloth, without adding chemical detergents.

But what are the 4 technical and visual benefits for which quartz tops are considered as amongst the best? Let’s find out together

Quartz kitchen tops are resistant to accidental impacts.

You can work on the top with complete freedom, because for quartz kitchen tops, blows and scratches are not a problem!

As they are made in a composite material, quartz kitchen tops have a very high flexibility, which renders them impact-resistant. In fact, when compared with laminate and ceramic, quartz is highly resistant to impacts, scratches and nicks, characteristics that make quartz tops less liable to chipping in the case that something should fall onto them accidentally during everyday use.

More practical, less maintenance!

Hygienic, antistatic and with a very basic maintenance requirement: quartz kitchen tops are an excellent choice because they are particularly resistant to stains and detergents and it takes very little to clean them. The lack of porosity of the recomposed quartz prevents dirt and chemicals from penetrating deeply and bacteria from lurking on the surface. The result is an environment that is easy to clean and inhospitable for bacteria and stains, even the most persistent. For years, Stone Italiana’s quartz has also obtained the NSF / ANSI Std. 51 FOOD ZONE mark, thus ensuring its suitability for food contact.

Lots of room for the imagination, with a range of colours and finishes

Choosing quartz kitchen tops gives customers the chance to personalise their kitchens by means of a wide range of shades and finishes, offering a powerful visual appearance. Stone Italiana privileges experimentation on innovative colours and textures, and research on tailor-made mixtures and granulometries, for customised quartz kitchen tops that meet the specific technical and visual necessities of the spaces in which they are installed. In addition to an almost unlimited range of colours, Stone Italiana offers original finishes that provide more options in addition to the classic polish of Gloss and the matt Grain 2.0. In fact, Stone Italiana offers two exclusive finishes, Rocface 2.0 and Rocplan 2.0: the former is original because each slab is different from all the others, while the latter is uniformly structured.

Rocface creates irregular and wavy surfaces, generated by the forces acting on the protective paper enclosing the quartz slabs during the pressing process. The resulting slabs are “dynamic”, each different from the others. Rocplan, a new product that has recently been introduced on the market, is a finish recalling traditional sandblasted stone, but using a highly technological process that ensures non-absorbence and colour toning.

Quality-price ratio: quartz kitchen tops represent the right answer.

Even though they may seem to be an expensive choice, the purchase of quartz kitchen tops is a smart investment, because the product’s durability and ten-year guarantee enable the customer to amortize the initial cost incurred over a very long period of time.

In fact, quartz kitchen tops have functional and visual features making them the perfect solution for people in search of a tough, versatile product which is therefore ideal for enhancing the kitchen, whatever its type!

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