Vanity top

Vanity top

Charm and functional efficiency

Resistant to shocks and stains, a vanity top meets high standards of functional efficiency and appearance, as a result of engineered quartz’s specific composition that ensures durability, hygiene and a wide range of customization options.


A quartz vanity top is robust and solid. Its extreme resistance to shocks, scratches and chipping enables you to use all the items present in the bathroom with absolute peace of mind.


As it has zero porosity, engineered quartz is easy to clean and maintain, because it  prevents the proliferation of bacteria and infiltration by liquids. The result is a surface offering high standards of hygiene, better than those of natural stone materials such as marble and granite.


With a wide range of colors, textures and finishes, the vanity top can be tailored to very different personal tastes. In addition, the UDESIGN Bathroom line of quartz accessories makes it possible to coordinate the vanity top with the washbasin and shower.

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