Kitchen in Terrazzo Grey from Stone Italiana


The creative process from design to realization

Terrazzo in the kitchen is back as a protagonist in furniture, accessories and design accessories, as well as in the surfaces (vertical and horizontal). Extremely versatile in terms of colour palette, its irregular pattern makes it suitable for modern or more traditional projects. The large Terrazzo quartz slabs made by Stone Italiana increase the creative potential of designer and architects thanks to a large, resistant and durable surface, also ideal for kitchen tops, thanks to a cutting-edge and sustainable technology that reproduces all the aesthetic expectations of this texture with a long history behind.

The Terrazzo collection by Stone Italiana is now also part of Zecchinon Cucine’s proposals: a “material – remembrance”, which however meets the tastes of a young audience.

But how to create a kitchen in Terrazzo that is functional and at the same time faithful to the inspiration of this particular composition?

To make the kitchen a place of functional well-being, care must be taken in every aspect. Beauty and function must be in perfect harmony and it is necessary to know the daily needs of people before declining the aesthetic choices in furnishing projects, carrying out a continuous research on materials and technologies. All this, in order that kitchens are always able to overcome the volatile influences of fashions, remaining performing. Following this mantra, the Zecchinon kitchen in Terrazzo Grey expresses a stylistic choice that follows trends, is inspired by the past and winks at functionality.

Stone Italiana quartz in Terrazzo Grey with Grain 2.0 finish, has been chosen as the main material applied on the kitchen top, on the central island, as a vertical wall covering and shelf. The product fits into the overall design, creating added value also in kitchen projects with simple and clean finishes such as the one proposed by Zecchinon. The colour palette, with soft tones, goes from grey to cream to light natural wood, with sage green tips on the walls. The choice of the colour palette suggests a careful refinement between the combinations of cold tones, where the colours of the furnishings recall the tonalities of Terrazzo Grey. The difference is in the care for details.

The features of resistance and ease of maintenance of quartz are combined here with an environmentally friendly composition, where about 27% is represented by recycled grit, a production waste of Stone Italiana plant. Terrazzo collection by Stone Italiana fully meets the requirements of durability, hygienic safety, ease of maintenance and cleaning.

Like all Stone Italiana materials, Terrazzo quartz slabs hold the NSF/ANSI Std.51 FOOD ZONE mark, thus ensuring their suitability for food contact.


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Kitchen Company Zecchinon Cucine

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Haften Studio

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Kitchen top, central island, wall cladding, shelf


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