Beige Contemporary Bathroom


Monochromatic does not necessarily mean monotonous: in the bathroom, even a single colour can create a vibrant setting

Furnishing a bathroom in shades of beige expresses brightness and sophistication with a single, simple colour, while also retaining a contemporary style.

But can furnishings be designed with a single colour, without making the interior too monotonous?

A room, even when clad in a single colour, can be vibrant if you utilize different formats and above all different surface finishes. This makes it possible to create different vibes, suggesting a careful design approach with attention to even the smallest details.

Stone Italiana utilized a shade of beige for the quartz cladding of a contemporary bathroom, with a single Stonit colour expressed in various finishes and formats.

Two collections were chosen for tone-on-tone bathroom wall cladding, creating an effective total look by means of quartz slabs.

The Micro+ collection, and in particular the Sabbiamarina colour with Gloss finish, gives the floor a distinctively bright appearance. In addition to the quartz floor, this collection was used for the vanity top on which the basin is placed.

With its very fine, almost imperceptible grain, Micro+ is made from superfine quartz powder. It is available in six solid pastel colours, for the purest “plain colour” effect.

The Materia collection by Stonit+, on the other hand, was chosen, in the same Sabbiamarina Rocface 2.0 colour, for the cladding inside the shower, and for the bathroom walls with custom mosaics: the panelling. Wall-panelling in the bathroom can be the perfect solution for those who are looking for a sophisticated and elegant touch, without sacrificing the practicality and hygiene that the bathroom environment requires.

If there is an interior in which intimacy and hygiene have to be expressed at their highest possible levels, it could only be the bathroom. The frequency of surface cleaning requires the use of materials that are not damaged by detergents. In addition, surfaces should ideally be waterproof and moisture-resistant. For all these reasons, Stone Italiana quartz slabs are ideal for cladding all surfaces in domestic bathrooms, such as this contemporary beige interior, and above all those that are part of large-scale contract furnishing or hoteliery projects.


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Silvia Dalla Valle

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Modern bathroom wall cladding, Luxury interior flooring, Quartz flooring, Bathroom wall cladding


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