“Let’s Chat with …”

Stone Italiana interviews to partners

“Let’s Chat with…” is the title of the video-review that Stone Italiana conducted by making its partners true protagonists in front of the camera.

By this initiative Stone Italiana aims to give voice to the confrontations, collaborations, the daily challenges that accompany Stone Italiana collections in a market – that of architecture interiors and the supply of complete materials for kitchen design – which is constantly evolving.

Architect Elisabetta Scapin (Atelier Pietro Scapin snc) inaugurates the first episode of this interesting review, recounting the beginning of a strong partnership, which looks at the development of many other projects ahead.


The collaboration with Stone Italiana was born with the search for a partner who would support the stone processing company in the development of a complete project: the creation of kitchen tops for the furniture industry, combining the combination of competitiveness and innovation.

From this first collaboration many other projects were born, which Architect Scapin describes in the dedicated YouTube playlist “Let’s Chat with …”.

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