Kitchen worktop: when a work surface can change the appearance of an interior dedicated to hospitality

In cooking, just as in art, ingredients such as passion and attention to detail are essential for creating a finished product that appeals to the eye first of all. A talent for beauty and refinement that is also expressed by the furnishings of an interior dedicated to relaxation and family life: the kitchen.

In the eternal struggle between a choice based on aesthetics or functional efficiency, the most appropriate method of choosing the furnishing accessories utilised in the kitchen has to consider both the ways in which this interior is used, and the style and identity desired from its personalization.

A good example is offered by the kitchen worktop, which by now has become an indispensable element in the design of this interior. Also known simply as a “kitchen top”, it is a furnishing accessory that we use every day, from the preparation of a hurried breakfast right through to the most important meal, dinner. Therefore it is essential to choose a practical material with a visual appearance that is never banal, and that most importantly guarantees hygiene safety.

Quartz as an ideal material for kitchen worktops

Choosing the best materials for a kitchen worktop requires patience and training, so that the many differences, in terms of performance, from one material to another can be assessed. Fundamental aspects in selecting a material for the kitchen worktop comprise hygiene and ease of cleaning, factors that are allied with the surface’s durability and hardness over time.

These features are demonstrated and guaranteed by quartz slabs which, consisting of an agglomerate containing a small percentage of resin that increases its natural impermeability, are non-absorbent and therefore cannot be colonized by bacteria, as well as being easily cleanable. In comparison with other products, quartz kitchen worktops are distinctive for their extreme hardness and resistance to abrasion, as well as for their high degree of aesthetic versatility, making it a product very similar to prestige materials such as marble.

Kitchen worktops with the Stone Italiana trademark

Possessing all the properties and benefits of a natural material, the engineered quartz manufactured by Stone Italiana makes it possible to create kitchen worktops that guarantee stain resistance, hardness and non-absorbency, along with a reliability that has been certified for over 40 years. Stone Italiana’s materials have, in fact, obtained the prestigious NSF/ANSI Std. 51 (National Sanitation Foundation-Food Equipment Materials) quality mark, guaranteeing safety for contact with foods. Stone Italiana’s kitchen worktops conform to the stringent criteria of the chemical analyses required for certification, demonstrating that the materials used to manufacture them meet international food safety requirements.

Visual appeal, functional efficiency and the guarantees offered by reliable products are the parameters of safety and style that can be found in quartz products by Stone Italiana. These kitchen worktops not only conform to technical requirements, but also become a true design project, in line with the latest trends and styles.

The range made by Stone Italiana, a company with a global leadership position for kitchen worktop solutions, comprises products for this interior that include other furnishing accessories such as backsplashes and cupboard doors. A complete line that highlights not only the practical versatility of Stone Italiana products, but primarily the workability of a material that can used for different expressions of form and function.

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