Inclusion and sharing: the accessibility of Stone Italiana’s website

The web is part of our world and as such it should be open and accessible to all. This is the spirit underpinning Stone Italiana’s approach to the digital world, considering it as a shared space open and usable by everyone, adopting tools and features that facilitate online inclusion.

Forever sensitive to user needs, the company has chosen to implement an application on its corporate website based on artificial intelligence, and an access interface that facilitates browsing even for people with temporary and other forms of disability, and who therefore utilise assistive technologies.

Stone Italiana’s decision to make a contribution towards what is known as digital inclusion stems not only from a desire to comply with European and Italian regulations; but above all to involve and empower the 20% of individuals who are unable to browse the web satisfactorily.

For users with visual impairment, epilepsy or cognitive disorders, the interface is designed to meet accessibility requirements regarding user typology, and website design and legibility. By means of this tool, users can modify the design of a website to specifically meet their individual needs. For this purpose, users can choose a default disability profile, such as the “Visually Impaired Profile”, and the user interface and website design will immediately adapt to the selected disability category for an easier and safer browsing experience. Alternatively, visitors can opt to enable various adjustments, such as increasing font size, changing colour contrasts, and many other characteristics.

The use of this software is a clear indication of the company’s preference for international and shared communications from which no-one is excluded.

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