How to refurbish your kitchen, starting with the worktop?

Restyling your kitchen can add new freshness and functionality in the very heart of your home. When it comes to renovations, the kitchen top is an essential element to consider. Not only does it affect overall aesthetics, it can also enhance your kitchen’s use and durability.

In this article we offer some useful advice on renewing the style of your kitchen, starting with the worktops.

Light or dark? How to enhance your kitchen furniture with the addition of the perfect worktop

The worktop can be an opportunity to express your personal style and give your kitchen character. The aim is to create the perfect combination of worktop and surrounding furniture, for a kitchen with a coherent aesthetic. Every solution is chosen in relation to the effect we seek to create, the space around us and, obviously, the colour of cabinet doors, walls and finishes.

In each combination, the general idea may be to create contrast: for example, dark tops with light doors or vice versa.

Remember: lighting and the perception of space are enormously important in the everyday liveability of your kitchen. So if you need to make your kitchen look brighter, a light-coloured worktop will achieve that effect. Inspired by the beauty of the cosmos, Cosmolite® WHITE PLANET and METEOR ICE perfectly meet the criteria for functional and trendy furnishings.

Kitchen top in White Planet

If, on the other hand, you prefer darker shades, STARBLACK and STARGRAY from the K-STAR collection are the perfect way to give your kitchen elegant character and timeless charm.

Starblack kitchen top

When to choose a kitchen top with a “stained” texture

We usually choose a “stained” kitchen top when we want to give a kitchen an original style. With their distinctive texture, Cosmolite® surfaces can take your kitchen to a very special dimension, among the planets and the Milky Way.

Compared to other multicoloured materials such as marble or granite, the COSMO collection is superior in terms of waterproofing and hygiene, simply because it is a less porous material.

Kitchen top in Cosmo

Features. How important is the choice of material for a kitchen top?

As we have seen, the factors affecting the choice of a kitchen worktop are not only aesthetic: the surface you choose needs to make your food preparation easier and more enjoyable. Every day the surface of a worktop is subject to stress, temperature changes, scratches and stains of various kinds.

For this reason, choosing a high-quality material that’s durable, hardwearing and easy to clean will guarantee high levels of resistance, waterproofing and hygiene.

To this end, Cosmolite® surfaces by Stone Italiana are the ideal choice, because they have all these technical properties and are compliant with international criteria for reliability and food safety (Stone Italiana surfaces are NSF/ANSI Std. 51 National Sanitation Foundation certified as Food Equipment Materials for splash zones and food zones, the most comprehensive certification for food contact materials).

Starting your kitchen renovation with the worktop can make a huge difference in terms of appearance and overall functionality. By choosing the right material, considering style and design, evaluating functionality and lighting, and caring properly for your worktop, you can create a kitchen that reflects your personal style and is ready to handle the challenges of day-to-day living.

If you opt for Stone Italiana surfaces for your kitchen worktop, you’ll have a huge variety of solutions to choose from. All you need to do is unleash your creativity.

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