How to furnishing your modern designer living room

What does it mean to furnish a modern living room today? What are the essentials that must absolutely be taken into consideration before proceeding with the furnishings?

This is a decision that links originality, elegance, and spatial organization with the innovation in materials for the cladding of harmonious, versatile, and technically high-performance surfaces. This article reveals the right precautions to follow, the trendiest colors and the most iconic surfaces according to Stone Italiana.

Which characteristics?

Furnishing a modern living room involves organizing the space in a functional way, combining the looks and functionality of design with innovation to create a new interior that enhances the feeling of comfort at all times of day. Practicality, open spaces, and attention to clean lines, details and contemporary materials are things worth taking into consideration when rethinking or renovating the living room.

Which materials?

During this phase, the choice of materials is notably important, and is crucial to creating a modern interior. Furnishing a living room will involve creating original combinations of different materials depending on the mood you wish to create. Commonly used materials include wood, glass, metal (brass, stainless or burnished steel, aluminum), concrete, and natural fibers (rattan or bamboo).

On the other hand, when it comes to the surfaces of various furniture components – such as tables in the dining or living room, kitchen countertops, and the multifunctional island – the innovative material made by Stone Italiana, Cosmolite® represents an ideal choice because it is the perfect combination of all the elegance and beauty of an exclusive designer product with exceptional technical and functional properties.

Luxury living room in New York – Design by Stone Italiana

Which colors?

Surface colors for a modern living room can vary according to the latest tastes and trends. There are, however, some alternatives particularly suitable for creating a contemporary, elegant and minimalist environment, such as neutral shades of white, gray and beige. If you want to give an impression of greater and brighter space with respect to the existing interior, the choice of this color palette can be highly beneficial. It is important to remember that a brighter living room will not only make the room more practical, but it will also enhance the design of the furnishings and the simplicity of forms. In this respect, the CMT_ESSENTIAL collection by Cosmolite®, comprising elemental and neutral colors such as Cristal White_CMT, Virgo_CMT, Base_CMTPitti_CMT can offer important design advantages.

If on the other hand, you are looking for a layout with darker tones, the striking black of Black Juno and the gray of Grey Titano from the VENTANTIS collection offer highly attractive and sophisticated solutions. Lastly, for those who are looking for something more daring, the dark shades of Starblack and Stargrey from the K-STAR collection offer an even bolder choice.

apartment in ukraine: living room
Living room in Ukraine – Design by Stone Italiana

Creating open spaces: the living area

The creation of a modern living room involves design solutions aimed at improving the livability of the entire home. As we have already seen in previous articles, creating a sense of continuity between the kitchen and living room environments helps to improve the livability of the entire living area and is currently one of the most popular trends in modern style.

In this context, the strategic positioning of certain components, such as the multifunctional kitchen island, amplifies the links connecting different interiors. The choice of finish also plays a key role here: it is a good idea to reference some of the furnishing elements or finishes found in the kitchen.

private home: panoramic kitchen and dining room
Living room area with multifunctional island in New York – Design by Stone Italiana


In an open space interior, lighting is essential to enhance all the beauty and elegance of the furnishing surfaces while creating the right atmosphere. To achieve this, a lot of natural light should be let in through the window frames by using, for example, curtains made from thin fabric. Regarding the design of artificial lighting, the choice of suspension lamps or spotlights with a decidedly minimalist design as an addition to the ceiling lighting fixtures is certainly an excellent solution, which helps to give greater comfort and coziness to the entire open space.

luxury apartment: kitchen seen from above
Designer Lighting, Luxury Apartment in New York – Design by Stone Italiana

Stone Italiana offers a very wide selection of colors and solutions: its finishes range from more classic and glossy collections in neutral tones to more textured and structured options.

If you’re looking for advice on how to furnish your open kitchen, ask our experts for help or browse our catalogs!

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