How to furnish a classic kitchen

Inspired by traditional design, craftsmanship and superb quality materials, the furnishing of a classic kitchen is an expression of elegant and refined style. Designing such a kitchen requires extreme precision and care. In this article we’ll find out which guidelines to follow and which Stone Italiana trends to consider when designing the classic kitchen of your dreams.

The functionality of classic furniture

A classic kitchen is by definition a functional and welcoming space. From shabby chic to rustic, the best material to showcase the classic style of your kitchen is definitely wood. Furniture made in solid oak or other woods, with traditional features and warm colours, is a great place to start.

When it comes to the layout, go for an arrangement that allows plenty of natural light to circulate:⁠attractive lighting will make the space even more functional and user-friendly. This helps to make everyday chores simpler and keep everything tidy. Making it more fun to spend time together in the kitchen.

Neutral colours and warm tones

The right combination of neutral shades, warm colours and carefully coordinated details helps to create an elegant atmosphere and a mood of intimacy. It’s a good idea, therefore, to avoid too much and overly bright colour, and make sure all your chosen shades work harmoniously together.

Neutral colours such as cream, beige, grey and taupe are the most popular for walls and decorative elements, because they combine perfectly with kitchen furniture in natural wood. For an extra touch of elegance, add some details that contrast with the main colour. For example, if your kitchen has a predominance of light colours, you could opt for a dark worktop, and vice versa.

Details: how to enhance the decor of your classic kitchen

When it comes to accessories, there are plenty of options to enhance the style of your classic kitchen. Wooden furniture combines perfectly with details such as brass handles and knobs, traditional double sinks and shelves with attractive crockery.

Fabrics with traditional patterns or classic-style floral designs can add even more elegance and personality to your kitchen. Another option to consider is the use of tiles to give a stylish sense of tradition to the project.

Which materials?

Today, choosing a classic kitchen means combining the charm of traditional kitchens with new and increasingly high-performance materials for surfaces. Over time, Stone Italiana’s tireless search for the best-performing solutions has led to the creation of quartz and Cosmolite ® surfaces for kitchen tops and claddings with incredible technical properties (resistance, impermeability to stains and hygiene), ideally suited to the busiest room of the house. However, your classic kitchen is not only about durability and material quality; it’s also about exclusive design and originality. In the three collections we’re showing you today – Venantis, Marmorea and Terrazzo – the appeal and beauty of timeless marble and the most gorgeous engineered marble are clear.

Surfaces inspired by the natural beauty of marble: Venantis and Marmorea

Every slab of the Venantis collection is criss-crossed with a light veining, a subtle pattern reminiscent of natural marble. Made in Cosmolite®, Venantis is among the most versatile of our collections. Available in 6 colours (Black Juno, Green Arthemis, Beige Igea, Grey Cargo, Grey Titano, White Teti), it combines perfectly with a wide range of styles and neutral colours.

One of the Stone Italiana collections that’s inspired by the allure of this exquisite material is Marmorea. Thanks to the research and technology used to produce this recomposed quartz, Stone Italiana is able to recreate any type of marble with extreme realism. All the colours – Ambra, Arabesque, Golden and Royal Black – feature an extraordinary material depth and veining that creates elegant random patterns. An extremely delicate product, but with the hardwearing properties typical of quartz, it’s ideal for designing spaces such as kitchens.

All the allure of stone chips: Terrazzo

As we have seen, references to the tradition and beauty of the past are key to creating a classic style. The Stone Italiana Terrazzo collection, available in three verions (Terrazzo_White, Terrazzo_Dark and Terrazzo_Grey) echoes the gorgeous marble chip floors of noble Venetian residences and plays a starring role in interiors, accessories and designer items, as well as in classic kitchen surfaces. Its irregular patterning makes it perfectly compatible with traditional design.

Last but not least, resistance and ease of maintenance are combined with an environmentally friendly composition containing approximately 27% recycled marble chips, production waste from the Stone Italiana plant.

In conclusion

The project proposals we have seen are true expressions of artisan culture. A very special solution, where there’s space for innovation in surface materials. Stone Italiana offers a comprehensive selection of interior design solutions to meet a wide range of project needs.

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