How to decorate a vintage kitchen

Every period of history has its corresponding colours, materials, shapes and ideas, which can provide inspiration for the design of your vintage kitchen. Timeless, original styles and solutions that continue to inspire and fascinate architects and interior designers all over the world. In this article you’ll find some practical tips on furnishing your vintage kitchen, and find out which solutions are the most sought-after.

What colours for your vintage kitchen?

When designing a vintage kitchen, choosing the colour palette is usually the first step to take. The colours of the walls, surfaces, furniture and appliances have an enormous impact on the overall appearance of the room. Before choosing the colour scheme, however, it’s vital to make a careful assessment of how much natural light your kitchen receives and the space you have available. Always remember that pale, bright colours can amplify the perception of space, even in the smallest kitchen.

The colours of a vintage kitchen may vary according to the historical period it evokes, but certain shades tend to be more used by interior designers, such as cream (classic, clean and bright), mint green (a fresh, delicate shade that evokes the style of the 50s and 60s) and pearl grey (an extremely elegant and refined neutral colour). There are also softer shades that give your kitchen a more delicate look, such as powder pink, sky blue and pale yellow. Finally, for accessories, stools and appliances, you can add a more lively touch with brighter colours like cherry red, turquoise or mustard yellow.

About lighting

The choice of lighting for your vintage kitchen should be consistent with the rest of the furniture and your chosen period. Position hanging lamps or coloured glass chandeliers strategically over the island or dining table to create a focal point; warm lighting will highlight the details of your furniture while creating a welcoming atmosphere. The walls can be furnished with vintage-style wall lamps with enameled metal details. The effect will be sensational.

Choosing the furniture

To give the room character and coherence, choose dressers, tables, chairs and cabinets in authentic materials with gentle curves, shaped feet and period features, and make sure the furniture is perfectly combined with the other elements of the kitchen: walls, surfaces, accessories and appliances. As we have seen, colours and finishes play a crucial role in creating the right atmosphere. For a retro style of the 50s or 60s, we recommend choosing furniture in pastel shades such as mint green or powder pink. For a 70s style, choose furniture with dark wood finishes or more matte paint.

Choosing the materials for your vintage kitchen

The most commonly used materials for your vintage kitchen include solid wood, stained glass (in cabinets and display cases) and enamelled steel (for sinks and appliances).

When it comes to the surfaces of the various items of furnituresuch as the table, kitchen tops and shelves, we recommend the exclusivity of Terrazzo and Cosmolite®, two ideal options for anyone seeking to combine the elegance and beauty of vintage style with exceptional technical and functional properties.

Surfaces: our products

In this game of combinations and textures with a vintage flavour, the choice of kitchen top and flooring is key to creating a space inspired by tradition. The Terrazzo collection, with three versions (White, Dark and Grey), in particular, is reminiscent of the beautiful marble chip flooring typical of noble Venetian residences; the aim is to use this texture in innovative, original projects that look to the past.

  The other solution we recommend is Venantis, made in Cosmolite®, Stone Italiana’s new sustainable material, consisting entirely of non-quartz minerals derived from pre-consumer recycling. Inspired by tradition, this collection is characterised by a light veining that creates a subtle pattern reminiscent of natural marble. Available in 6 different colours (Black Juno, Green Arthemis, Beige Igea, Grey Cargo, Grey Titano, White Teti), Venantis offers a wide choice of shades, ranging from delicate to more decisive (from soft white to intense black, via warm beige or innovative green), perfect for your upcoming vintage project.

In conclusion

Designing a vintage kitchen requires the utmost care in the choice of spaces, details, colours and materials. There are countless possible combinations. Stone Italiana offers a comprehensive selection of interior design solutions to meet a wide range of project needs.

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