How to clean the kitchen top?

Knowing how to clean the kitchen top is very important both for hygiene and for maintaining the state of the surfaces. The choice of high-performance materials such as Stone Italiana’s Cosmolite®, depends on some fundamental cleaning measures and procedures that we will discover in this article.

Simple precautions for correct maintenance of the Cosmolite® kitchen worktop

Before knowing what is appropriate and not appropriate to do, it should be pointed out that Cosmolite® is a material with incredible technical properties: by its very nature it is very resistant to various types of stress (impact and scratches) and is resistant to stains (it is practically anabsorbent, therefore not attackable by bacteria). Compared to granite or marble, its surface, in fact, is non-porous and does not need any additional protection, you just need to be careful and do the right maintenance.

First of all, we dispel the fear of heat resistance: Cosmolite® has a certified resistance to heat up to 180ºC; in normal daily use contact – for a few minutes with a warm surface – does not occur any particular damage. The material does not burn so it does not leave yellow streaks on the surface.

Cosmolite® surfaces are resistant to abrasion, so there is no problem cutting on the top. If you inadvertently mark it, it is not the surface that is scratched but the sign of the metal that remains on the top because the metal itself is less hard. Simply wash the surface with a generic neutral detergent to remove the marks. The surface is not affected.

A neutral detergent is sufficient for the cleaning of the top: Cosmolite®, even in its matt or textured finishes, does not require special detergents with a strong action because its composition allows to easily clean from stains even the non-polished surfaces, often even with water alone.

How to clean the kitchen top?

As we have previously seen, the kitchen countertops in Cosmolite® are anabsorbents. All Stone Italiana products have absorption values very close to zero: stains are eliminated with the use of a detergent while all bacteria on the surface are easily removed with the use of alcohol-based disinfectants (not containing sodium hypochlorite, such as Amuchina).

To clean the top you need:

  • to obtain a neutral dish detergent;
  • wet the surface evenly with the detergent;
  • wipe with a microfiber cloth, rinse and finally dry with a dry cloth.

This procedure works for ordinary cleaning. In case we have to deal with stains of persistent dirt (limestone, red wine, coffee, oil, oiliness and grease of various kinds) it is necessary to use a citrus degreaser, or a buffered acid detergent and follow the following procedures:

  • wet the affected surface with a degreaser or diluted acid detergent (a part of the product in three parts of water) and leave for about 5 minutes;
  • wipe the surface gently with a sponge until the residual dirt is completely removed;
  • rinse thoroughly;
  • dry with a dry cloth.

In case of further difficulties in removing stains, repeat the operation and apply again on a sponge the product (this time undiluted) and leave for another 5 minutes. Lightly rub the sponge from the abrasive part and then rinse.

Kitchen top cleaning
Stone Italiana kitchen top cleaning

In conclusion

The kitchen countertops in Cosmolite® have been designed and manufactured to last. As we have already seen so far, choosing for your kitchen countertop this material involves a number of benefits not only in aesthetic terms: resistant to stress, stains and easy to clean. Like any material that is in contact with food, Cosmolite® also needs small and simple precautions to keep in mind. Knowing how to take care of your kitchen top in the long run makes all the difference. With these tips we have tried to give you some practical information about what can be useful to carry out this task.

If you need further advice ask our experts for help. Our team will be at your disposal for any information.

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