How do you furnish an open kitchen?

In recent years, the way in which the kitchen is lived has changed, and the design of this space tends to enhance its connections to other rooms in the home. This article explains why the open kitchen has become one of the most popular trends among interior designers. We will also tell you about the most important benefits linked to livability, aesthetics and spatial organization, and which Stone Italiana materials are used most of all to give greater depth and brightness to the whole interior.

The benefits of the open kitchen

Designing an open kitchen is a furnishing concept that makes it possible to create a more spacious and brighter interior (it is easier to fill with natural light), a location in which to socialize and share happy and enjoyable moments with family and friends. As we have seen, open environments that interact with each other have implications for the relations between people and consequently also for the livability of the entire home.

In addition, the advantages of this design choice include the great versatility of the interior: it thus becomes a multifunctional space; the open kitchen can be used both as a dining area and as an interior where various activities can be accomplished, such as working or spending leisure time.

How important is the choice of materials?

But how can this be brought into reality? Which are the most widely-used materials, in highest demand on the market, to achieve this sort of design result?

The choice of surface cladding materials has a great impact on kitchen decor. To give greater depth and brightness to spaces, for example, it is necessary to utilize light-colored combinations and finishes providing a welcoming appeal. The constant quest for the best design solutions has led Stone Italiana, over the course of time, to create surfaces in quartz and in Cosmolite® for floors, kitchen countertops and claddings expressing a timeless elegance, and possessing technical characteristics (durability, impermeability and hygiene) that make them perfectly suitable to a dynamic context such as the living area.

In the two collections presented here, the reference to lively veining and brightness is interpreted in a contemporary key to provide an elegant continuity between spaces.

Marmorea: the elegance of engineered quartz in a modern interpretation

Thanks to the research and technology used in the processing of engineered quartz, Stone Italiana is able to provide a realistic version of marble, with all its elegance and natural charm. This is achieved, for example, by Stone Italiana’s Marmorea collection. All the slabs – in the colors Ambra, Arabesque, Golden and Royal Black – are distinctive for their material depth and the presence of veining that creates sophisticated textures.

An extremely delicate and modern decor, with a natural flavor but with the characteristics of strength typical of quartz, ideal for creating a sophisticated environment such as that of a designer open kitchen: the perfect choice if you wish to achieve an elegant contrast with minimalist elements, such as furnishing accessories in metal or natural wood.

Venantis: the incredible versatility of surfaces in Cosmolite®

If you are looking for new and distinctive products with a high degree of sustainable content (all Cosmolite® surfaces are comprised entirely of minerals derived from recycled pre-consumer materials different to quartz) for specific use in furnishing elements such as kitchen countertops, worktops, doors, and cladding surfaces, Venantis in Cosmolite® represents a choice that offers almost endless design benefits.

Available in 6 hues (Black Juno, Green Arthemis, Beige Igea, Grey Cargo, Grey Titano and White Teti), Venantis offers colors ranging from delicate nuances to bolder shades: from the soft tone of white to deep black, comprising the warmth of beige or the innovative green.

Each slab is traversed by a light veining that appears as a graphic, subtle and unobtrusive mark, classic in that it recalls the veining of natural marble, but at the same time modern and new: many versatile furnishing solutions, ideally suited to a wide range of styles.

In conclusion

As we have seen, the decision to design an open kitchen that is both visually beautiful and practical in use requires careful attention to the aesthetic details and technical characteristics of the materials employed. Stone Italiana offers a vast selection of interior design solutions that are capable of meeting a wide variety of design requirements.

If you’re looking for advice on how to furnish your open kitchen, ask our experts for help or browse our catalogs!

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