From reality to imagination: Stone Italiana’s perspective at FuoriSalone 2021

The Verona-based company – the world’s leading manufacturer of engineered quartz and marble slabs for building and interior design – is present in a new guise at the show in Milan.

Interpreting nature and giving it a new shape: this is the spirit that has accompanied Stone Italiana since 1979 and that hallmarks the company’s participation at the 2021 FuoriSalone show.

As part of the event Vietato l’ingresso (no entry), to be held at Teatro degli Arcimboldi in Milan from 4 to 10 September, Stone Italiana returns to the international FuoriSalone show with an exhibition of sculptures made using its own quartz material, presented in the historic theater’s foyer.

The sculptures, in a group developed as part of the LivingStone project by architect Lorenzo Palmeri, depict animals, and at the same time become the exhibitors and players themselves, describing the company’s history, with the materials, finishes and colors that it can offer. Each format pays tribute to the strength of the animals, creating a jungle setting that encourages the audience to interact with the creatures in a tactile experience, in a location where it is “forbidden not to touch”.

For Stone Italiana, participation in this project means continuing its tangible reflections on the expressive potential of quartz, interpreting the material to bring projects with various forms, functions and styles into existence. A vocation for inventing innovative products is something that has hallmarked Stone Italiana’s production right from the start, by means of a process of continuous renewal fuelled by ideas and suggestions arising from fruitful communications with clients, business partners, architects, designers and suppliers. The ability to perceive, incorporate and develop emerging trends and patterns with personality is a distinctive figure of a company that never stands still, and that for forty years has been catering to the needs of the building and interior design sector with products hallmarked by their green qualities, advanced specifications and high performance.

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