Designing a modern kitchen: materials and colours for endless visual options

Today the appearance of a modern kitchen is changing as it becomes more functional, but also closer to a true work of art. Just like the ingredients of a recipe which, when combined, give rise to unexpected flavours, innovative materials and spatial optimization can create new and original concepts when designing a modern kitchen.

As you know, we are living in a material world!

In the ever-popular “showcooking” of new styles and trends for kitchen design, we discovermaterials that steal the show instead of the classic wood or enamel. For the kitchen, new materials such as marble and quartz are being rediscovered, opening the doors to experimentation and shaking off the fetters of traditional conformism.

The modern kitchen is enhanced by materials of greater personality, capable of transforming the space so that it is not just a home for pots and pans, hobs and practicality, but also a place where style, warmth and conviviality play a starring role.

Quartz by Stone Italiana for designing a modern kitchen

Perfect for a kitchen of contemporary style, Stone Italiana quartz expresses various tastes and preferences, completing the kitchen throughout from kitchen top to furnishing accessories such as tables, in which there are virtually unlimited possibilities for customization.

With its wide range of collections, textures and colours, and its selection of surface finishes, Stone Italiana quartz also enhances the interior’s characteristics and lighting to best effect. For example, textured surfaces are ideal for spaces in which low-angled light enters and highlights geometries; pastel colours can provide extra brightness to rooms with lower levels of lighting, while darker tones can give a powerfully masculine appearance to the surfaces.

Kitchen colours: the Stone Italiana range

But on the subject of colours, what are the chromatic trends involved in designing a modern kitchen? In addition to neutral colors, there are in fact new shades that are making a mark in kitchen design.

If the objective is for a touch of light and classical romanticism, white is the ideal choice for designing a kitchen that is modern but hallmarked by timeless and unbeatable charm. The Marmoreacollection is the perfect expression of this trend, with products that evoke classic marble surfaces, but featuring the technical characteristics and high performance of quartz.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a lively, heterogeneous, more powerful surface with marked character, the Materia collection in Rocplan 2.0 or Rocface 2.0 finishes guarantees a comprehensive range of expressive possibilities, meeting the visual needs of “modern design” and hallmarked by a fascinating and vibrant appeal.

As for all interior design aspects, there are always “outsider” colours, quirkier and more unusual, for modern kitchens. Among these, sage green and pastel hues are without doubt colours that can be used effectively in a modern kitchen and that are included in Stone Italiana’s wide range of chromatic options, giving designers full creative freedom with the shades of Silver Green and Elephant Grey.

Not just appearance, but functional efficiency as well!

Though visual appearance is important for the design of a modern kitchen, the space’s practical aspects and those of the materials in which it is made should not be forgotten. In addition to offering a wide range of design possibilities, Stone Italiana quartz slabs are also quintessentially tough, easy to clean and above all hygienically safe, all fundamental characteristics for surfaces that are in constant contact with food, liquids and detersives that could otherwise compromise the worktop’s integrity.

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