Ambiente cucina in Cosmolite® Mint

Nell’ambiente domestico, la cucina è l’emblema della convivialità e il luogo di ritrovo delle famiglie, soprattutto nella tradizione italiana, ambiente intimo e di rifugio dal moderno ritmo di vita. Curare l’estetica di questo ambiente diventa quindi imprescindibile per l’intero stile della casa – con un occhio di riguardo per prestazione tecnica e funzionalità. Su questa […]

All the magic of Cosmo for a Very Simple Kitchen

Very Simple Kitchen designs modular kitchens in line with contemporary living trends. Inspired by the functional and minimalist design of the industrial world, the Bologna-based Company has created a new way of living spaces, reinterpreting the concept of a modular kitchen through an innovative approach based on the use of free standing components. Very Simple […]

Dubai Metro Union Station

dubai metro

Dubai Metro Union Station is one of the busiest stops, frequented by many commuters and tourists, located near large shopping centers and luxury hotels. Strolling along the spacious corridors of this modern metropolitan railway station, opened in 2009, visitors can admire the quartz flooring by Stone Italiana, chosen for its combination of style and durability, […]

The art of quartz, quartz in art

sbarco a milano: mostra d'arte

In art, the choice of materials is a fundamental decision because they can give greater energy and expressive power to the artist’s intentions. Stone Italiana’s interest in contemporary art has become consolidated over time, and it is a reflection of the company’s deep-rooted quest for experimenting new processing techniques and using a unique, high-performance material, […]

“Dune” by Lorenzo Palmeri

dune di lorenzo palmeri

In 2016, Lorenzo Palmeri, one of the most eclectic designers on the Italian scene, worked with Stone Italiana to create “Dune”, an experimental project in the “Micro 3d” series. The Italian designer embellished and modeled the surface of a slab in Stonit quartz (with Grain surface finish) featuring three-dimensional textures evoking the slow, gentle movement […]

Dubai Metro for Expo 2020

There is a Made in Italy signature in the new Dubai Metro, the major transport link built for Expo 2020. Stone Italiana supplied cladding for the engineered quartz flooring in the seven stations on the line, for a total of 45,000 square metres. A unique order, in terms of volume and appearance: the Custom collection […]

Crédit Agricole bank in Paris

Crédit Agricole Parigi

Quartz cladding from the Materia collection was used by the design studio Delafosse + Architecture Intérieure for the branch of Crédit Agricole Bank in Paris, for its distinctive characteristics of strength and performance, accompanied by an exceptional appearance. The colors chosen were Superwhite 13 Grain 2.0 and Luna Grain 2.0. Designed to provide a combination […]

Unilever-Haus, Hamburg

Unilever-Haus ad Amburgo

Stone Italiana is one of the suppliers for Unilever Germany’s new headquarters, the Unilever-Haus in Hamburg, a building that has received numerous awards for sustainable architecture. In the cafeteria space for employees, the search for a material providing optimum practicality and safety led to the choice of the Micro+ collection for all the counters, with […]

Furniture store in Iceland

negozio di arredi in islanda

Set on the Atlantic coast, Reykjavik is the capital and largest city ofIceland. Here, Stone Italiana can be found inside a modern interior design and gift boutique, where Stone Italiana has brought the high technology of its quartz slabs. These products thus once again become ambassadors of the visual and functional quality of Italian-Made design. […]