Residential project in Berkshire

In the heart of Berkshire, a county steeped in history and culture to the west of London, there’s a private home that embodies the perfect fusion between innovation, design and personality. This residential project, curated by Elementi Cucina, is a landmark in the creative and functional use of space. The open-plan kitchen features dedicated areas […]

Stone Italiana for Elementi Cucina: all the charm of glamour in the kitchen

For the renovation of a house situated on the Mumbles Bay (Southern coast of Wales), the architectural firm Raum Architects chose to embrace innovative, sustainable, and highly functional materials that could infuse the spaces with a contemporary, elegant, and welcoming atmosphere. The creation of the open-plan kitchen was entrusted to Elementi Cucina, who meticulously studied […]

Open-plan kitchen

A kitchen in the attic, part of the renovation of a family home in Maranello, Modena province. The open-plan space consists of a dining area with a large twenty-seater table, bar area, fireplace and kitchen, occupying a total of 70 square metres. The style is an unusual cross between shabby chic with classic walnut furnishings […]