La cucina green in Cosmolite®

Elegante e funzionale, e da oggi sostenibile: la cucina guarda alle tendenze dell’architettura moderna senza sacrificare comodità, spazi, facilità di movimento e scelta di materiali attenti all’ambiente e alla salute di chi li crea e trasforma. Studiata per arredare una residenza privata nel veronese, questo progetto cucina in CosmoliteⓇ la Materia Nuova di Stone Italiana […]

Chalet Champoluc Top Cucina Quarzo

Nel paesaggio alpino di Champoluc, nell’alta Val d’Ayas in Val d’Aosta, l’attico di un condominio anni Settanta rivive grazie all’intervento di Icona Architetti Associati che ha previsto l’impiego del top cucina in quarzo Stone Italiana per l’ambiente cucina.  L’accorto recupero e un uso estensivo del legno naturale donano agli ambienti un’atmosfera da baita di montagna […]

All the magic of Cosmo for a Very Simple Kitchen

Very Simple Kitchen designs modular kitchens in line with contemporary living trends. Inspired by the functional and minimalist design of the industrial world, the Bologna-based Company has created a new way of living spaces, reinterpreting the concept of a modular kitchen through an innovative approach based on the use of free standing components. Very Simple […]

Supernatural Essence, Sustainability and Beauty with Cosmolite®

COSMO countertops embellish the “Essenza Supernatural” kitchen environment designed by Martini Interiors: a kitchen that takes care of the Earth, leading us into the future. The new setting of “Essenza Supernatural” deviates from the conventionality of industrial models by embracing a contemporary, personalized and customizable style. An handcrafted kitchen recognizable by the unique design, the […]

The art of quartz, quartz in art

sbarco a milano: mostra d'arte

In art, the choice of materials is a fundamental decision because they can give greater energy and expressive power to the artist’s intentions. Stone Italiana’s interest in contemporary art has become consolidated over time, and it is a reflection of the company’s deep-rooted quest for experimenting new processing techniques and using a unique, high-performance material, […]

Stone Italiana for Café Pushkin

“Café Pushkin” is without doubt one of the finest and best-loved cafés in Paris, and one of the best boutique patisseries of the city. Inside, customers can enjoy Russian culinary traditions and experience 19th century aristocratic magic. Its lavish, elegant halls, sophisticated furnishings and large windows make this venue an ideal location for enjoying pleasant […]

“Dune” by Lorenzo Palmeri

dune di lorenzo palmeri

In 2016, Lorenzo Palmeri, one of the most eclectic designers on the Italian scene, worked with Stone Italiana to create “Dune”, an experimental project in the “Micro 3d” series. The Italian designer embellished and modeled the surface of a slab in Stonit quartz (with Grain surface finish) featuring three-dimensional textures evoking the slow, gentle movement […]

Milan Showroom

It is in Milan that the latest trends in fashion, communications, design and architecture appear and thrive. Innovation and personality take the stage, on the streets, in offices, and in contemporary society interiors. And it was in Milan that Stone Italiana created this showroom, sited a short walk from the Cathedral, using the Materia collection. […]

Stone Italiana at the Venice Biennale

Off Leash Biennale di Venezia

A leash is usually an expression of order. It is an object that sets a limit, a boundary. On occasion of the 2010 Venice Architecture Biennale, at Spazio Thetis, the joint installation-project titled “Off Leash” was created by architect Arturo Montanelli and artist Velasco Vitali. Its composition called for the use of a container clad […]