Stone Italiana uses an international metric to explain its materials own characteristics and make redable the indicators by mapping the contribution to the LEED V4 system, which is known in more than 160 Countries in the world.

  1. Stone Italiana’s products contribute toward LEED credits, in particular in the following areas:
  2. IP Integrative Process;
  3. MR Materials and Resources;
  4. EQ Indoor Environmental Quality
  5. IN Innovation

LEED® - (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) – is the third party Certification system of sustainable buildings among the most widespread in the world and it is declined for all types of constructions and for all stages of development. It is a voluntary system, based on consensus and recognized in the international field, which guarantees a third party certification to a building or to a complex which has been designed and built adopting strategies aimed at improving environmental performance.

LEED V4 is oriented towards a rigorous and at the same time flexible approach, based on performance and measurable results through the life cycle of a building. The certification is supported by a checklist that includes several categories of performance: IP Integrative Process, SS Sustainable Sites, LT Location & Transportation, WE Water Efficiency, EA Energy&Atmosphere, MR Materials and Resources, EQ Indoor Environmental Quality, IN Innovation, RP Regional Priority.

The system pays a lot of attention to building materials, by deepening the knowledge of supply chain up to measure its overall impact in terms of benefits for people and the environment.


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