AVIS TECHNIQUE 12+13/14-1688

Stone Italiana materials’ suitability for use

Stone Italiana has also been awarded the prestigious French certification Avis Technique and holds the technical application document AVIS TECHNIQUE 12+13/14-1688: this is drawn up by two panels of building industry experts. It deals with materials made using innovative techniques, and certifies their suitability for use. This certification is issued by the French organization CSTB only after rigorous laboratory testing and assessments carried out through inspections of large amounts of flooring supplied and laid in recent years in places such as shopping centres, lobbies, skyscraper landings, etc.. Avis Technique establishes that the materials are fit for the use they have been designed for, defines their technical features, decides whether they comply with the applicable legislation, and ensure that they are laid correctly using suitable binders.
Stone Italiana materials have been found to have unique characteristics in conformity with the standard:
Floor tile formats
Stone Italiana is the only company in the world awarded the Avis Technique certification for the 60x120 format; this means that Stone Italiana can supply large-format floor tiles that fulfil the technical requirements laid down by the strict French legislation.
Floor tile thickness
Stone Italiana is also the only company in the industry awarded the Avis Technique certification for the 1cm-thick tile. Thickness is crucial in the flexure bending test, where the material’s ability to flex and therefore bear heavy loads is measured. By reducing the thickness of the material, its load-bearing capacity could be adversely affected; however, Stone Italiana’s material, tested at a thickness of 1cm, fulfils all the requirements laid down by the standard.
UPEC Classification
This is a functional classification system that certifies whether a certain flooring product is suitable for use in a certain room for a sufficient and reasonable time. Every private, commercial or public room with predominantly pedestrian traffic is classified on the basis of the stresses to which it is likely to be subjected, expressed as follows:
U = represents trampling wear
P= (punching) represents the mechanical stresses the floor is likely to be subjected to
E= represents the presence of water on the floor
C= represents the amount and intensity of chemical substances that may damage or leave stains on the floor
As far as the “U” category is concerned, Stone Italiana’s quartz materials achieve a level 4, the highest-performance classification.
Regarding the “P” category, the products in the Quartz range in the 30x30cm and 60x60cm formats have been awarded P4 classification, the highest possible level for resistance to mechanical stress for recomposed materials. It should be noted that the P4 classification means the flooring is suitable for use in rooms where heavy-duty cleaning and maintenance equipment is in frequent use. CSTB has drawn up a list of the different types of rooms with pedestrian traffic where P4 classified flooring is compulsory. These include:
  • Airports
  • Shopping centres
  • Train/bus stations
  • Hypermarkets
  • Entrance lobbies (in cinemas, theatres, etc.)
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Student residences
As for the “E” category, the level 3 achieved by all Stone Italiana’s materials in quartz and marble is a guarantee of their top performance in terms of water absorption.
Concerning the technical feature classified under the letter “C”, which determines the resistance of the materials to chemical agents, Stone Italiana’s Quartz range has been assigned the top classification, C2. French legislation requires that the flooring in certain rooms must absolutely have C2 classification. These include:
  • Public healthcare facilities
  • Airports
  • Train/bus stations
  • Shopping centres
  • Student residences
  • Kitchens
With its “Quartz” and “Quartz with inserts” range, Stone Italiana fully conforms to the requirements laid down by French law regarding this technical feature.
Fire resistance EN 13501-1:2009
All the colours in the Stone Italiana recomposed quartz range of thickness between 1-1.3cm, and those with a polyester resin content ranging between 7-11%, meet the requirements for the A2fl-s1 classification for use as flooring laid by being fixed with a bi-component glue. This means that they are non flammable materials.