B&T Group sells its first innovative engineered quartz plant to Stone Italiana

A complete plant delivered to the historic unit in Verona

Formigine, November 2022 – A new project by B&T Group in collaboration with Stone Italiana, one of the most advanced companies in the production of engineered quartz slabs, with headquarters in Verona and two plants in northern Italy, Zimella (Verona) and Villesse (Gorizia). The Group based in Formigine, a system integrator for engineered quartz and a top player in the ceramic industry for many years, will supply the Verona-based company with a complete quartz plant, to be delivered by summer 2023.

More specifically, this is B&T’s latest innovation: a completely new technology that meets the market’s need for a new technology partner in the arena of suppliers for complete industrial quartz plants.

The service takes the form of a total and complete integrated system that accompanies the client in the search for new trends and the creation of new collections and products, under the banner of quality and Made in Italy.

To achieve this, B&T Group has proven to be a revolutionary enterprise, recently going so far as to create a separate unit comprising professionals in the field, which shortly after its inception already began signing the first national and international orders, including the plant supplied to Stone Italiana.

This cutting-edge technology will be used by Stone Italiana not only for processing engineered quartz, but also for the production of Cosmolite slabs, the innovative and unique high-tech product made from 100% pre-consumer recycled materials.

In fact, B&T Group offers comprehensive technological expertise to business partners such as Stone Italiana, which since its founding in 1979 has embraced the concepts of continuous innovation and product sustainability, making them part of its corporate mission: from slab forming, which is implemented using an innovative press with no foundations and that does not produce vibrations, right through to the finishing line, which includes both sizing and polishing. Last but not least, there is digital decoration, a world-first feature that enables unlimited visual creativity and maximum flexibility in format.

A level of expertise and a capacity for customization that provide a response to the market’s need for a partner such as Stone Italiana, which, using Italian technology, quality and design, is able to compete on a global scale with technologically advanced and visually high-performing products,benefiting from the Group’s consolidated reliability and experience: extremely advanced skills in mechanics and automation, and unfailing attention to after-sales services and above all to sustainability and energy saving.

Over the past 5 years, B&T Group has invested more than 10 million euro in technology and expertise. Building on its experience in the world of ceramics, the Group based in Formigine now brings its quartz product range to the market, highlighting values such as Italian excellence, sustainability, and innovation among its cornerstones, and doing so with an exceptional partner, Stone Italiana.

B&T Group

B&T Group is a manufacturer of turnkey plants for the ceramic and engineered quartz industry worldwide with an extensive presence in all markets, providing outstanding technological solutions and innovative services with a focus on energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

The Group has more than 800 employees and 24 companies (17 of which are abroad, in 12 countries and on 4 continents), with products offered on the international market providing a guarantee of excellence for its clients.

The Group’s internal divisions represent an additional level of specialization in products and services to achieve targeted levels of excellence in specific segments:

  • B&T Tile (complete installations for ceramics and quartz)
  • B&T Quartz (complete lines for engineered quartz surfaces)
  • B&T Service (inter-corporate and inter-divisional customer service and technical support)

The Group is involved in all stages of the production process through the activities of its subsidiaries and affiliates, each specializing in a specific stage of the manufacturing system:

  • SITI B&T (high-quality thermal machines and presses)
  • ANCORA (complete lines for finishing)
  • PROJECTA (digital printing solutions)
  • DIGITAL DESIGN (design and graphics projects)
  • DIATEX and MEC ABRASIVES (cutting discs, tools and abrasives)

Every year the B&T Group invests 5 percent of its turnover into R&D, most of which is performed in the modern bt-LAB in Formigine, location of the technological laboratories and the four pilot lines for the various technological systems.


Stone Italiana was founded in Verona in 1979 and, today it is one of the most advanced companies for the manufacture of engineered quartz slabs.

Over time, its production has reflected changes in the way of considering and using materials by rediscovering the uniqueness, individuality and variety that can only be found in Nature.

Its technical characteristics and visual appeal make Stone quartz the most suitable material for use as interior design surfaces (kitchen countertops, reception tops, kitchen or work tables) and as floor and wall coverings.

Cosmolite is Stone Italiana’s hi-tech slab project intended to open up new scenarios of aesthetics and sustainability in the world of design. Consisting entirely of pre-consumer recycled minerals, these green surfaces offer unique visual appeal and perfect workability, as well as the highest standards of hygiene.

A new and hypnotic material, capable of reducing environmental impact while contributing to industrial innovation: in fact, on one hand, Cosmolite enhances and ennobles recycled products by inserting them into a new production process, and on the other, it proposes an exclusive “quartz-free” formula, an expression of sustainable architecture

With 5 different collections and 20 colors, these slabs are ideal for all those large surfaces for which there is a strong demand for environmental sensitivity.

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