Bathroom: from utility room to a paragon of domestic comfort

Over the course of time, all the items in the bathroom interior – no longer just a utility room or an appendage to the main living spaces – have evolved to match the home’s overall design. While in the past this interior was considered as a room in which functionality and comfort determined all compositional aspects, today the bathroom is moving towards a less rigid and more design-oriented interpretation.

Mirror, mirror on the wall…is the bathroom fairest of them all?

In this new approach, the bathroom’s comfort takes on new meanings, no longer limited to practical usage and easy-to-clean materials, but now extending to the dimensions of wellness and visual enhancement. In practical terms, the bathroom has shaken off its identity as a utility room (functional but not necessarily “visually attractive”), and it has progressed to the status of starring role, on a par with other domestic interiors.

This new way of living and interpreting the bathroom has helped unleash the creativity of architects and interior designers, channelling furnishing options towards stylistic features that were previously considered risky. The use of high-performance materials that are also visually attractive, such as quartz slabs that can be applied both to floors and wall-cladding, in addition to vanity tops, has made it possible to create bathroom interiors that match the design style of the entire home.

Stone Italiana quartz slabs: a different way of expressing bathroom interiors

Every element in the bathroom can be reconfigured in its most contemporary and up-dated version, by means of a material that is not subject to wear and tear by detergents and is resistant to moisture, but above all has a powerful visual appeal.

For all these reasons, Stone Italiana quartz slabs are ideal for cladding and decorating all surfaces in domestic bathrooms, and to an even greater degree those that are part of extensive Contract or Hoteliery projects. By means of different colours and matching finishes, Stone Italiana’s quartz slabs are the ideal choice for wall claddings and vanity tops, capable of meeting high technical and visual standards thanks to the unique composition of engineered quartz that ensures durability, hygiene and an extensive range of customization possibilities.

With the exclusive line of UDESIGN Bathroom quartz washbasins – devised and manufactured by Stone Italiana using an exclusive moulding technique – the company completes its range of products designed for the bathroom with matching accessories in coordinated colours and materials. Washbasins coordinated with vanity tops become true designer jewels.

Customization and bespoke solutions tailored to the customer’s needs and tastes: this is how Stone Italiana caters to the requirements of everyone who wishes to create a bathroom that plays a starring role in the home!

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